Sunday, October 10, 2010

Prom Night 2010

Exhausted mind & soul with aching legs but still enjoyed the whole process towards the night...reminds me of all the Leo functions during the good old days...LOL really miss it a lot...all those sleepless crazy nights with my babes!!!
Love the group singing...i guess among all the performance i've done...this is the one i enjoyed the most...somehow singing as a group feels great...=)
Managed to take some photos with my dear friends at the end of the night but i guess it's not gonna be fantastic...hahaha with the messy hair and smeared make up all...LOL
Had fun dancing around for a while...well as much i wished to continue...my legs are disobeying me...hahaha that's the sacrifice to be made when you choose to wear high heels...
Lastly congrats to our latest Prom King dummy Jian Yao i would say...and of course Prom Queen pretty Kamilia!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Wall Street

Inducing curiosity...It may seemed boring to some but i think it's interesting when you think about it...Is it true??? Does it really work this way??? Does it all begin with speculation??? I guess these questions we'll have to figure it out ourselves...

Money has always been an issue...almost everything goes back to money...somehow it's becoming more and more of a topic these days...circling the mind through and through...

Just when the caterpillar thinks it's the end, the butterfly knew it's just a whole new beginning...
P.S.♥ Penang

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Change is the only certain thing...people change and the world changes too though I have no idea which comes first...desires could change every moment...at times craving for some sparkles...getting bored of the dull routines...a nice company would be great of course...but at times just feeling relief to be left alone...even without anything to do it feels great...no questions asked...no strings attached...
So sometimes being alone is another way of enjoying...

I'm just gonna tell u exactly the description of the story which attracted me immediately and i could say it's the best description among all that i've seen!!! Here it goes...
'You know that moment between sleep and walking? I read somwhere that the first thing that comes into your head is what you desire or fear the most. I don't know if that's fully right though because for years when i opened my eyes I used to think of Mark.
I'm JP Whelan and i said that, the thing about Mark, to my shrink. He's always trying to get me to talk about what happened all those years ago, when we were just kids.
I wasn't always seeing a shrink, I wasn't even always JP, I used to be John-Paul. Here's where I'm supposed to tell you about all that, about my life with Katie and Abbey in London or before then, back in Dublin, with Dad, listening to the Beatles and how those were the times i really felt safe.
But then I'd have to tell you about my brother Dessie and what happened with Mark.
But it doesn't all fit into some neat little box, my story. I wish it did. So if you really want to know the truth, you're going to have to find out for yourself, because even now I'm not sure what the truth is.'
And that got me hooked...until i finished it...hahaha...but I'll forever remember Mr David's first comment while flipping through the book...well it went like this... "OH MY GOD! THERE'S FOUR LETTER WORDS!" LOL

I'm getting really out of touch with all the new movies...so ya i just only got to watch Karate Kid...i think it's quite nice...hahaha suddenly feeling the urge to learn kung fu...DON'T LAUGH! seriously! I think i'm suffering from the phobia effect...totally freaking out whenever i hear any motorcycles around me no matter where i am especially after witnessing two incidents ina row...haiz how i wish i could say
I'm not scared anymore!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010


The past week have been tiring...just feel like sitting down and doing nothing at all whenever i get some spare time at home...should be starting with lotssa stuff but still still lazy to do anyting yet...just being irrational...

Monday, August 23, 2010


Time to get on with my plans!!!

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Why the hell are the clock hands moving so slowly???

SPEED UP GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!